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A Professionally Driven educator's journey in three parts...

April 9, 2017


Professionally Driven educator's journey in three parts...


Point A


Point A is where you begin, the starting point, homebase, whatever you wish to call it.

In this current state, as you are, at Point A, you are the best educator that you feel you could possibly be.

But you also understand that there is potential to be even better.

So you assess yourself, your instructional strategies, your classroom assessment methods, the areas in which you feel you are least effective, and you make the conscious decision to turn that weakness into a strength. 

You've taken inventory of your collective educator self and decided that where you shall begin.

At Point A you understand that there is a need for improvement, and you summon that will to improve.

Point A is at the foot of the mountain.


Point B


Point B is the opposite of Point A: the end, the final destination, the sum total of your actions and decisions.

It's the results of your efforts to improve your instructional practice as an educator.

It's the weakness that you have now turned into a strength.

It's a positive effect on learner outcomes.

Point B is the summit of the mountain.


The Path


The Path is the collection of decisions made, mistakes made, small accomplishments made.

It's the bravery to choose fight over flight, and it's the relentlessness to get it right...for your learners.

It's choosing to perpetually see your instructional cup half empty with the potential to be full.

It's mental exhaustion and fortitude to continually rework, retool, and rethink every step in reaching Point B. 

It's seeing Point A as how far you've come, but seeing Point B as work yet to be done. 

It' collaborating, sharing, and continually learning in order to understand if you're on the right path. 

The Path is your attempt to turn your instructional weakness into a strength in order to have a positive effect on learner outcomes. 

The Path is your best and earnest attempt to connect Point A and Point B on that mountain.


Point B is defined for you: positive effective on learner outcomes


YOU define Point A, and YOU blaze your Path to reach Point B.


Jarod Bormann





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September 2, 2018

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